Hey Arlene

Even though she was a month & a half early, Tropical Storm Arlene came & went last week without much notice (kinda like the last couple seasons of Greys Anatomy - don't get me wrong, I love me some Greys, but seriously ANOTHER plane episode?!). So, what does having a tropical storm this early mean for those of us along the gulf and east coasts?

Fortunately or unfortunately, Arlene's early arrival doesn't really tell us anything about how active the ocean will be this year. Scientists have already released their predictions for this hurricane season, but honestly, even those don't really tell us much (and they say that every year, check out this weatherman's honest assessment of the 2015 hurricane season predictions!). This year is predicted to be a pretty average season with potentially 12 named storms (wind speeds of at least 39 mph), between 4 and 6 hurricanes (wind speeds greater than 74 mph) and 2 major hurricanes (wind speeds greater than 111 mph). Why doesn't that tell us anything?

While these predictions can be useful for scientific purposes and learning about our climate, the average person only really cares if a storm makes landfall - and especially if it's going to make landfall where they live! Meteorologists can predict a storm's track up to a few days in advance, but certainly not months in advance, and that's really what we need to know (some companies may tell you they can predict storm tracks months in advance, but just know that nobody is putting their incorrect predictions on blast).

If you're looking for a cool app to track hurricanes (and really any weather) check out Wunderground. They're my personal favorite!

So, if Tropical Storm Arlene was on your radar (or wasn't!), don't stress. Whatever happens will happen, and those Momma Bears who have a plan in place for everyday emergencies will be ready if they need it for their extraordinary emergencies too.

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