Creating a Kitten Bear Bag

In early January, a five-week-old kitten wandered into our front yard. With no neighbors claiming her as their own, we decided to adopt miss Lucy! Although she's a bit of a handful (as in my hands are full of scratches), we love her dearly and are so excited she's a part of our family.

As an important family member, we want to make sure Lucy is safe and taken care of. Part of that is making Lucy a Bear Bag (Momma Bear's version of an emergency kit). No matter how many people or pets in your family, Momma Bear encourages everyone to have their own Bear Bag. This way, each Bear Bag can be customized to exactly what each person or pet needs. Plus - every Momma knows that if it doesn't have its own home, she will end up carrying it!

Here's what we've included in Lucy's Bear Bag, with links so you can build your own kitten Bear Bag.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed
Ok, so this may not technically be IN Lucy's Bear Bag, but it's definitely an important aspect of it! We found Sleepypod when looking for a top of the line car harness for our Corgi, Carlton. At first, I didn't understand why a harness company would be called Sleepypod. Now I get it! The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed has a removable mesh top to be used daily as Lucy's bed (we even opted to get the extra heating pad - yeah, we're total suckers for our pets). When it's time to go to the vet, we zip the lid back on, and away we go! On top of how cute the carrier is, I absolutely love how thoroughly it has been tested in car crashes. Although we don't take Lucy in the car as often as we take Carlton, we are coming up on a 1,500-mile road trip for our move from Texas to Virginia. You can learn all about Sleepypod's safety tests, features, and awards by clicking here.

Litter Box
So, you can definitely buy disposable litter boxes (like this one - $4.79) or "travel" littler boxes (like this one - $19). Personally, after spending $$$ on Lucy's mobile pet bed, I am not looking to spend more money than I need to on her back up litter box. We go super economical and pick up a foil pan at the grocery store (approximately $1). If you must buy online, you're probably looking at getting a pack of 20+ pans. This 30 pack is only $15.99 - only $0.53 per pan! If you're a chef, just stick one or two pans in with your kitten's Bear Bag & call it good.

Yup, just like at home, your kitten will need litter in her Bear Bag. We really like the Arm & Hammer Double Duty Litter, but just make sure you have some extra of whatever type of litter you prefer. We typically get the 40-pound box for everyday use, but for Lucy's Bear Bag, we're going with a smaller, lighter box (20 pounds for $7.78). I prefer this to pouring some of the 40-pound box into a separate container because the litter stays securely contained in the box, even if it tips over and the handle makes it easy to carry. 

Since switching up food can be hard on your pet's stomach, Momma Bear recommends sticking with the food you're currently using. Our pet food typically comes in gigantic bags - not exactly ideal for a Bear Bag. Check to see if you can get a smaller bag just for your Bear Bag. This will help to keep your kitten's food fresh for as long as possible. If you can't find a smaller bag, scoop at least enough food for three days into a ziplock bag.

Your kitten likely won't need the gallon of water per day recommended for people, but let's not make this more complicated than it has to be. Plan on having a gallon per day available for your kitten - it goes faster than you'd imagine.

Food & Water Bowls
Now, it's relatively easy to find a container to use for your kitten's food and water in a pinch. We've used plates, cups, bowls - whatever is available. If you're looking for something cute, or you plan to use your bowls relatively often, these collapsible travel bowls are super convenient. They collapse when not in use, so they take up little space, and the carabiner allows you to keep them clipped to the top of your Bear Bag for easy retrieval. 

Vet Records Holder
If you need to stay somewhere outside your home or if your kitten needs to unexpectedly stay in a kennel, you're going to want the most recent copy of your vet records easily accessible. Personally, we keep Carlton & Lucy's vet records in with all our other important documents, in a large accordion file folder. You may want to keep your kitten's records in her Bear Bag with the rest of her stuff. That's really just a personal preference - the point comes down to that you have a record of all her shots and can prove that she's healthy enough to be allowed to stay where she needs to.

Comfort Items
Pack a few toys and a blanket or old towel in your kitten's Bear Bag. These don't need to be anything special, but these items can provide a lot of comfort in a difficult time for your kitten.

That wraps up what we've got in place for our little Lucy girl - anything we forgot? What do you have in your kitten's Bear Bag?

Until next time! XOXO