How you can always be the first to know!

There's something about finding out about something first. Back in high school, I remember thinking a band was super awesome if no one else knew about them. Now, I love sample sales, which are all about being the first to know - the deals! I can't handle it!!

Another thing I like to be aware of early and often is what's happening with my weather - especially any tropical activity that might impact me, my family, and friends. Being in the military, those groups are spread out all over the country, and it seems like there's always something going on!

These are my tried and true resources for staying in the know about what's happening in the tropics.


The National Hurricane Center is my go-to spot for what's happening (and could be happening) in the ocean. They cover both the Atlantic and Eastern North Pacific oceans, and their information is straight-forward and easy to understand. They give both 2-day (shown in the image above) and 5-day forecasts. Once a storm has developed, clicking on the storms icon will give you lots of information. I like this resource because they don't bother me with unnecessary information; I'm not going to see a bunch of spaghetti lines that can cover hundreds of miles. I'm going to see up to date information coming from the most reliable sources. Win!


  • Website, where you can sign up for the email listgroup!

Ok, nothin' fancy with this resource, but it's SO CONVENIENT. The Alachua County EMWIN Project sends out free emails with important news regarding tropical weather. They give lots of information in their email, but also have a quick snapshot of the main point at the top of the email (in my snapshot above, that Hurricane Gert grew to a Category 2 storm). I love these emails, and it helps me know when something is actually developing, rather than going to check the National Hurricane Center when I remember to.

Note: the information provided here is for the national office. If you want help locating your own office, leave a comment below! 

So, the National Weather Service is a good source in general, but I LOVE my local NWS office. The Corpus Christi NWS team sends out emails with weather details (beyond just tropical weather) and how it will impact our direct area. When tropical systems hit north or south of us, they let us know what we can expect here (usually higher than usual waves, tides, etc.). They also typically use the 5-day weather outlook, which I actually prefer (if I need to evacuate, I want to know as far out as possible). Plus, the email is just SO CONVENIENT. This service may or may not be available from every NWS office; if you're interested in finding out, you can find your local NWS office here.


This resource is for those of you who want more. They are awesome at giving all kinds of information. They do share the spaghetti lines, but also add additional markers on National Hurricane Center and other productions to make them even easier to read and understand. They're very active on Facebook, so it's an easy way to stay connected.

These are my favorites, and I hope you like them too! Any favorites of yours that I missed?