Protecting the Beauty of Your Home

I love cleaning. For me, it's incredibly therapeutic. The worst part about cleaning? It doesn't last. Within 5 minutes, the floor is covered with dog & cat hair, the sink is filled with dirty dishes, and life goes on. Sometimes, I wish I could have an excuse to take a picture of my beautiful kitchen or closet. So, I found one!

Whether you also love an especially satisfying clean, or you absolutely loathe cleaning, I bet you still know where everything is. But could you prove it?

A Home Inventory is a record of your belongings. It can be incredibly useful during a move and absolutely indispensable if you're trying to rebuild your home after it has been damaged. Anyone familiar with moving knows that it can be incredibly stressful, especially if your grandmother's heirloom kitchen table shows up at your new home with a huge scratch down the front, or that huge TV your husband just bought no longer works. A Home Inventory can help prove the pre-move condition of your belongings and assist you in getting full value for your damages.

If you're forced to rely on your homeowners or renters insurance to replace your belongings after an emergency, your Home Inventory will be your best resource to ensure you're not forgetting to claim anything (even if you've got a great memory, the best of us can forget critical things during stressful times).

So, how do you put together a Home Inventory?

  1. For those of you like me, pick a room to start in, and CLEAN! If you don't like cleaning, feel free to skip this step. Even if you do like cleaning, but just don't have time, don't worry! These pictures aren't going into a magazine or on a social media; it's more important that you actually take a record of your belongings than they be 100% clean.
  2. Take pictures and/or video of each room in your house. Be sure to open drawers & closets.
  3. Be sure to turn all your electronics (computers, TVs, sound systems, etc.) on & off to prove they work.
  4. Take pictures of serial & other important identification numbers.
  5. Be careful to document anything of especially high value, like jewelry, wedding dress, etc.
  6. Back up your work! Momma Bear HIGHLY recommends using an online cloud service to keep your inventory safe & easily accessible, no matter if you lose your phone or computer. If you don't already have an online cloud service, try out Dropbox for free. You can seamlessly access your files on any web browser, on your computer, and on your phone!

If thinking about this is overwhelming, here are some tips to make it easier.

  1. Download Momma Bear's Home Inventory template to help you keep track of what rooms you've completed & the corresponding dates.
    • A quick app search on your phone will show you a WHOLE range of other products that allow you to go incredibly in depth with your inventory. Momma Bear developed this template to specifically avoid going too far in-depth; it's really easy to get sucked into the details of a project like this when you really need to be looking at a higher level. I've got too many other things to do with my day than identifying exactly how many mason jars I have and the specific days I bought them. This template allows users enough detail to complete their home inventory without capturing unnecessary details.
  2. Don't try to do your whole house at once! Focus on one room per day, weekend, month; whatever works for your schedule.
  3. Hire someone to help! Professional organizers exist, and they are AWESOME. Check out my personal favorite organizer, Ms. Placed Professional Organizing!